What are the quality inspection methods of aluminum alloy forgings?

For the inspection of the body in the body, use the vis...
For the inspection of the body in the body, use the visible or low magnification and high magnification magnifying glass to check the characteristics of the low and medium folding mechanism in the whole casting process. The common inspection method is the low erosion and cracking test. Sulfur powder and steel castings are delivered quickly in production, and the engineering team continues to break through the process bottleneck. According to the characteristics of different cold forged parts, relevant product quality inspections must be carried out before formulating different production processes.
Because the inspection methods are divided into appearance quality inspection and application quality inspection, appearance quality inspection is generally non-destructive inspection, which can be carried out at the same time according to the human eye or a low magnification and high magnification magnifying glass. If necessary, non-destructive experiments can also be used. With the development of casting processing technology, the metal material deforms and broadens the fibrous structure, which further improves the ductility of the raw material.
After the aluminum alloy is cast, the internal structure of the raw material becomes stronger and stronger, which obviously enhances the physical properties of the aluminum alloy steel casting, which is also the main reason for the performance of the aluminum alloy steel casting, so the steel casting is made by equipment. At this stage, the low-etching method is mainly used to inspect the cracks of steel castings and the mixture of non-metallic materials. Different low-to-large raw materials have different specifications and models and rupture tests.

The inspection method can be used to inspect the possible problems, lamellar defects, internal structural cracks, etc. of the steel castings. For some large and medium alloy structural steel castings, it can be used to inspect the sulfur. The low-spectrum test sample is well-proportioned and has low sulfur content. The heat treatment process is not carried out after the heat treatment process, and the general inspection is low.
An aluminum alloy steel casting billet heating device is introduced in detail, including furnace wall, electric heating material and transportation organization. The openings on the upper and lower sides of the furnace wall are separated, and there are electric heating materials in the body. In the melting furnace, under the effect of the transmission mechanism, the heat difference of the aluminum alloy billet heated by the melting furnace can be reduced, thereby reducing the probability of the billet being cracked and scratched.