How to choose aluminum alloy processing materials?

To deal with different aluminum alloy raw materials, yo...
To deal with different aluminum alloy raw materials, you need to choose different aluminum alloy processing methods, so that the most satisfactory actual processing results can be achieved. So when we carry out aluminum alloy processing, how should aluminum alloy processing be selected?
Aluminum alloy processing raw materials A raw material can be welded with a variety of aluminum alloy welding materials, such as 5083-5083 welding: 5356, 5183, 5556 and other electrodes can be used. However, the butt welds obtained with each electrode are likely to be satisfactory in only one characteristic.
When selecting a satisfactory electrode, the key should consider the performance indicators of the weldment. In general, the key to investigate the following many performance parameters: For 6005A, 6082, 5083 raw materials, the selected electrode type is 5087/AlMg4.5MnZr. The 5087 electrode not only has good anti-crack fiber properties, but also has good performance against blowholes. The compressive strength properties are also good.
For the selection of electrode specifications, priority is given to electrodes with large diameter specifications. The welding filling amount of the welding with the same processing characteristics of the aluminum bushing is the electrode with the same net weight. The area of ​​the welding rod of the large size and the smaller size is much smaller. Therefore, the surface environment of the welding rod of the large size and the smaller size is less. The air oxidation area is small, and the welding quality of electric welding is easier to be specified.
In addition, the whole process of wire feeding of large-diameter electrodes is easier to operate. For raw materials with a thickness of 8mm or less, generally use a 1.2mm diameter electrode, and for raw materials with a thickness of 8mm and above, use a 1.6mm diameter electrode. Automatic welding equipment selects electrodes with a diameter of 1.6mm. All in all, in the whole process of selecting aluminum alloy electrodes, only after a comprehensive analysis of many related independent variables in electric welding and application of aluminum alloy profiles can be selected, suitable aluminum alloy fillers can be selected.

The first consideration is the type and physical properties of the raw materials for electric welding, and the second consideration is the functional requirements of the electric welding components. The selection of aluminum alloy fillers is an integral part of developing, designing and qualifying a suitable welding process.