The processing performance of precision hardware parts, these six points you must know

Hardware processing occupies a large part of prec...
Hardware processing occupies a large part of precision parts processing. This time, the chief engineer of our Ruisheng Technology will share with you what are the technological properties of the hardware, I hope it will be helpful to everyone!
   Casting performance: refers to some of the process properties of whether a metal or alloy is suitable for casting, mainly including flow properties, the ability to fill the mold; shrinkage, the ability to shrink the volume when the casting is solidified; segregation refers to the unevenness of chemical composition.
   Welding performance: refers to the characteristics of the metal material by welding two or more metal materials together by heating or heating and pressure welding, and the interface can meet the purpose of use.
   Top gas section performance: refers to the performance that metal materials can bear upsetting without breaking.
  Cold bending performance: refers to the performance of metal materials that can withstand bending without breaking at room temperature. The degree of bending is generally expressed by the ratio of the bending angle α (external angle) or the bending center diameter d to the material thickness a. The larger a or the smaller d/a, the better the cold bendability of the material.
   Stamping performance: the ability of metal materials to withstand stamping deformation without breaking. Stamping at room temperature is called cold stamping. The inspection method is tested by cupping test.
  Forging performance: The ability of metal materials to withstand plastic deformation without breaking during forging.
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